Rental Property Management for Owners 物業出租托管服務

The procedure of our rental property management:

  1. The owner submit below information to
    1. Property tax notice, to prove the ownership.
    2. Passport of the owner, or other ID with Social Insurance Card
    3. Copy of cheque or bank info, to receive the rent.
    4. Occupation of the owner.
    5. Is the owner resident of Canada?
    6. Strata bylaws if applicable.
    7. Owner’s address, email and phone number.
  2. Owner review the Property Management Agreement (“PMA”).
  3. Sign the PMA and pass the keys to property manager.

After above steps, the rental income will be deposited to the owner’s bank account every month when the property is tenanted. The owner will receive monthly statement by email.


  1. 業主向Bob@BobZhong.com提交以下信息:
    1. 地稅通知單,以證明物業的所有權。
    2. 業主的護照;或者其它身份證件和社保卡
    3. 業主的支票或銀行信息的複印件,租金收入將存入這個賬號。
    4. 業主的職業。
    5. 業主是否加拿大居民?
    6. 如果是公寓或聯排別墅,請提供Strata Bylaws文件。
    7. 業主的通訊地址,電子郵箱和電話號碼。
  2. 業主審核物業管理合同。
  3. 簽訂物管合同並將鑰匙交給物業經理。

完成上述步驟後,我們會負責找到合適的租客,並在每月的月中把租金收入存入業主的銀行賬戶。 業主將通過電子郵件收到月結單。